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JENNIUS Software develops bespoken software solutions, ranging from single software components to larger autonomous software systems. Depending on our client's organization, we lead the development process (including operational planning, requirement engineering and quality assurance) or we can integrate into any existing organizational process.


Our success is based on the following components:

  • Collaboration, learning and adaptability

  • Knowing our customer

  • Technical excellence

Collaboration, learning and adaptability

Software projects tend to be costly, risky and uncertain in their outcome. Our experience and recent developments in the software industry have shown that this can be avoided by changing the way the software company collaborates with its clients. Instead of assuming that everything can be negotiated and fixed before the software is developed, we favour an environment where learning and feedback is key to success. This means, for example, that we prefer to produce and deliver software in several small steps, providing our clients with the following advantages:


  • Faster return on investment, as important parts of the software can be used commercially much earlier.

  • Risk reduction, as quality and costs can be assessed after each step.

  • Flexibility, as the project’s scope and costs can be adjusted accordingly after each individual step. 

We have an excellent working experience in developing software solutions for Microsoft Windows- and Linux-environments. Such solutions are often implemented using Microsoft Windows, .NET, C#, JavaScript, HTML and Microsoft SQL Server and/or Linux and Ruby on Rails or Apple's IOS, Swift, Objective-C. Furthermore, we have expert knowledge of accompanying tools and methods, such as Agile Software Development (SCRUM or Kanban), Test Driven Development and Continuous Software Delivery.



It is essential for us to understand our customer's domain in order to deliver a highly efficient, effective and last but not least enjoyable software solution. Through our experience and commitment to collaboration, learning and adaptability we have the ability to acquire this thorough understanding.


Through such collaboration we have already acquired a deep understanding of financial and operational accounting, the health care sector and industrial control systems.

Knowing our customers

Technical excellence