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JENNIUS Software

Many people feel that they could improve their work or business by increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Some have a clear idea of how this could be achieved; while others just know there is a problem, but cannot see a solution.


Whichever of these situations you find yourself in, we will constantly listen to and communicate with you, in order to identify your specific needs and provide you with our expert knowledge and solutions. This close, interactive collaboration ensures that we truly meet your needs and that you

get a maximal return on your investment.

JENNIUS Software is your partner when it comes to implementing or extending a software solution.


We have an expert knowledge of the software development process and we follow the latest trends in social networking, mobile- and cloud-computing.


Through many years of experience we have also acquired a deep understanding of financial and operational accounting, the health care sector and industrial control systems.


It's about you

JENNIUS Software implements bespoken software solutions in the field of financial and operational accounting systems. We help our customers to increase their efficiency and competitive position by listening to their ideas and transforming them into a working software system.

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What we do

Food Hero


JENNIUS Software is the creator of Food Hero, a restaurant guide that is both fun and useful. It can be used on IPhone or IPad devices.